Bama vs. Gators, A Classic before it Starts

Can the Florida Gators prove they have evolved into the dominant species in college football or is a new creature rising from a Crimson Tide.  Today’s SEC Championship battle between number one and two will be a classic matchup pitting speed and finesse against strength and power.

This contest has the potential to change those who have been polarized thinkers, but the outcome could  cause a sea change in the way coaches recruit and scheme for the coming decade.  I think one day we will look back at this game as a defining moment in college football, and as an Alabama fan, of course that is the way it should be in a perfect world.

So Roll Tide and may strength and power rule the day.

  • Woooo-hooooo! Roll Tide!

  • Jim Barbre

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  • Clay J Mize

    Might I add my words were quite prophetic. Three national championships in four years.

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