Christmas Can Be Tough

Here is something for Christmas The holidays can be a little raw.  A little bit tough.  My childhood was a cross between living in Mayberry and The Brady Bunch.  You build up big expectations for Christmas when you are that age and your life is storybook. Nobody ever told me that it would not always […]

Top 10 Blog Posts for 2017 Top 10 Blog Posts for 2017 10. I No Longer Believe in the God of the Bible or Jesus Rose from the Dead 9.   To My Jewish Friends – The Two Messiahs 8.   Eight Rule for a Civilized Argument 7.   Forgive Yourself for Being Stupid 6.   I Will Make It […]

How Humility Will Make You Happy with Yourself

Being happy with yourself is an inside job. The six or so inches between our ears give so many of us big problems.  My goal for this book is to find a peace of mind that comes through humility.  For only in a peaceful mind can any happiness exist. A few of the humble adjectives […]

Thanksgiving Dinner Prose

  I went to a do gooder feast… The turkey was trimmed… All were dressed in their Thanksgiving garb…. Standing behind tin platters full of holiday food… I refused a name tag, I didn’t need to belong.   They didn’t really need me so I stood beside the door… I stood around waiting on the […]

Why American Healthcare is Not a Free Market System

    The reason the American Healthcare system is so expensive is because it is neither a free market system or socialized medicine. The best thing that the American Government could do for the American people is not to force upon us Socialized Medicine, but to instead force upon us a free market healthcare system.  […]

16. My Dad’s Last Day – A Remarkable Story of Answered Prayer

  My Dad’s Last Day I got a call from my sister Jeanette on my dad’s last day.  She called on a Wednesday night to tell me Dad is in the hospital in Jasper experiencing heart pain.  I was not surprised due to his history with heart issues. The drive to Jasper took just under two hours and on […]

Privatization of Social Security will Help Solve Healthcare

  Imagine America had started with privatization of Social Security Act in 1935.  If we had, U.S citizens would feel no need to reform social security.  Instead they would feel rich and in control of their own destiny and the destiny of their families.  There would be no Trust Fund scheduled to reduce benefits by […]

The Winners and Losers in National Healthcare

  This is the third post in a series about reducing healthcare cost in America.  The first post is 10 Steps to Lower Healthcare Cost in America  and the second is The Fundamental Problems in America’s Healthcare System. You asked the average person in a country with socialized medicine if they like their country’s national health care […]

Fundamental Problem in America’s Health Care System

The Fundamental Flaw History The history of our current health care system is so important to understanding the cost control problem.  It was during the period of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that shaped our attitudes toward healthcare. Medical care during that period was relatively inexpensive.  In the 1940s, group medical plans began to take […]

10 Steps to Lower Health Insurance Cost in America

Some good things start out as a conversation.  The following is a conversation about reducing health insurance cost in America.  We need it very bad and we need it to avoid a worse fate of socialized medicine.  In future posts I will describe the fundamental flaw in our current healthcare system and the fundamental flaw in a socialized one payer […]

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