A Mother’s Love and Faith


Angela Posey Arnold 2013

This is a poem dedicated to Angela Posey Arnold and her mother Bonnie Posey.  I wrote it on the night that I learned that Angela was in a serious auto accident, but doctors believed she would pull through.  I saw in a new way a mother’s love for a daughter.

Ang & Bee

I say to grace—
Please take a bow—
As life and death—
Were on the verge—
Cause life won out—
This dance we do—
For you sweet grace—
And you alone.

If not for grace—
And Mercy’s hand—
Who made cruel fate—
Leave us alone—
This life I love—
More than my own—
We dedicate—
To grace alone.

With love’s own mouth—
I kiss your cheek—
And feel the texture—
Of your hair—
These precious gifts—
Mean more to me—
If not for grace—
She wouldn’t be.

Dear Grace, dear grace—
If not for Thee—
If not for Thee—
If not for Thee?

CJM Feb 01

  • Caitlyn Minor

    Clay, When I read this I really did cry. Bonnie would of really liked it! Angela did too. Also you are a GREAT poetry writer and a GREAT writer!
    Love you Clay,
    Caitlyn E. Minor

  • I love it as much now as when I got to read it after the wreck. Momma read it to me after I got home.
    love you soooo

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