Allow People the Room to Grow up

The following is an excerpt from “The Power of Humilty, The Secret to Being Happy”

Allow Others the Room to Grow

Choose to be Tolerant and Patient

Love bears all things.

I Cor. 13:7


e will never change.” If you have lived long enough, you have heard someone say this. It is sometimes said before a person decides to close the door and walk away from a relationship. Though it could be true, it might signal a need for a change in perspective.

Is it possible for an irritating person to grow beyond… mature beyond the behavior that is irritating us?

Give People Time and a Chance to Grow

I try to ask myself this question before I do anything rash. If I knew this person would grow beyond this irritating behavior in three years would I continue the friendship? This question has helped adjust my perspective and helped me to focus on believing the best.

I have appreciated those who looked beyond my own immaturity to see greater potential in me. It is amazing how often it pays off to believe in others and put faith in their eventual maturity.

Would you cut him from your basketball team?

Would you cut him from your basketball team?

This topic reminds me of the story of Michael Jordan. Many say he was the greatest player to ever play basketball. Did you know that he was cut from the varsity basketball team when he was in the tenth grade? I would hate to be known as the coach that didn’t have faith to believe that Michael Jordan could be a starter on my high school basketball team! If you are wondering, the coach’s name was Cliffton “Pop” Herring a name no one remembers.

On the flip side, how would you like to be the person who had the faith to see Elvis Presley as the next rock-and-roll success? That is exactly what Sam Phillips, a native of my home town of Florence, Alabama did. He took a chance on the young Presley and the rest is history.

These stories are all around us. In the neighboring town of Tuscumbia, Alabama, Annie Sullivan saw something special in the young Helen Keller and through her patience, perseverance, hard work and faith, helped Helen overcome deafness, dumbness and blindness to become the International celebrity we all know.

Allowing others the time needed to grow takes an attitude of humility. This attitude acknowledges that all people, including our self, need the time and space to grow. When we adopt this humble attitude of faith in others ability to grow, it increases the happiness of all those involved.



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