Acknowledging new members to our community

Holding a baby is as humbling an experience as I can think of.   Selina, the fifteen year old Belizian mother, asked all the hot and dirty workers at the end of the day to hold her baby.  She didn’t simply ask, she insisted on it.  Not in a rude way, but in an assertive way.  We were saying our goodbyes, when she began to insist that  we all hold baby Darwin who was about 2 weeks old.  We each held him and some kissed him, a few rocked him, a couple swung him one gave him a blessing.  We each made over baby Darwin in our own way. 

I couldn’t help but compare how young American women are taught to treat their babies.  Isolating the baby from germs and strangers, I would consider today’s norm.  Something inside me tells me this is fundamentally wrong and young Selina got it right to present her young son to the community.    

It is sometimes easy to ignore a baby.  To exclude him or her from the community.  Selina forced us to recognize and acknowledge Darwin, and through her ritual of insisting we hold her baby, we acknowledge him as a new member of our world.

  • angelaposeyarnold

    Babies are made to be held, loved on and rocked!!

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