Series on Belize

Her name was Salina and she is the 15 year old mother of Darwin, a newborn. Selina is of Mayan Indian decent and lives in Bellize, on a tree farm, in a one room stone house with a dirt floor, and no plumbing or electricity. She speaks English because it is the official language of Belize, but is more fluent in Spanish. She nurses Darwin and is not embarrassed to nurse openly in front of us. It is natural.

I meet her husband while he was digging a hole for the 55 gallon drum he is burying that would collect the waste for the outhouse that our group would be building. He is a quiet and serious young man. He seems much older than he probably is.

We eventually finish the outhouse, attach a 90 gallon tank to their roof, build an outdoor shower and plumb the kitchen. This project was the heart of my friends Marshall and Bridgett Neal, who paid for all the materials. They were hoping to make a difference and get the opportunity to give the credit to God.

Half a dozen children eventually gathered, attracted by our activity. The women in our group gave them candy and played games with them. As we were leaving, I began to tell the children good bye and giving them all a big bear hug. I noticed one little boy, I estimated at about six year old, get back in line for another hug. That made my day.

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