5 Common Mistakes that Could Cause Your Will to Be Illegal or Invalid


If you go to the trouble of preparing a will, double-check to make sure you haven’t made these common mistakes that invalidates your Will.

1. The creator of the will forgets to sign the will.
2. If two wills exist. Which on is valid? The one that relatives present in court regardless if another will exist. All previous wills should be destroyed.
3. Witnesses to the will signature can no longer be found such as in the case when long gone employees were a witness to the will.
4. Failure to have creators and witnesses signatures notarized.
5. No signature on every page of a multi page will.

You might want to take one more step and create a Living Trust.

Anyone can contest a will without spending a dime. The family will have to spend money in attorney’s fees to fend off this contest. However, with a living trust, property and assets are transferred immediately to beneficiaries and they have immediate control of the assets. If someone wishes to contest a living trust, they must pay attorney’s fees up front without assurance they will receive anything.

The Rock

Naming a beneficiary to your life insurance policy bypasses a will and goes directly to the beneficiary. Many of life’s changes make a regular review of your life insurance policies a must. If you would like a free review of your insurance policies you can call me at 256-760-0099.

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