2014 – Family and Friends

2014 was best of times and the worst of times for my family.  The best of times is new additions to the family with my niece Emily and Mark Smith introducing us to Levi and my nephew Zach Mize got married and adds a new baby making my brother Joel a great grandfather.  My niece Caroline Link also got engaged this fall and is bring a new bo into the fold.

We also are a smart family too.  My nephew Judson graduated from UNA and joined a band known as Winston Ramble as a guitar player and singer. My nephew Griffin McCarley graduated high school and played his first year as a UNA Lions footballer.  Nephew Andrew started his first year of Law School at Jones Law School and Alexandra continues to do great in school and is dating the UNA Lions football hero Luke Wingo.  My nephew Patrick Link graduated high school and is a freshman at Texas A&M.  My nieces Natasha Adler and Mary Catherine Link graduated from Universities of Oklahoma and Alabama respectively and both have struck out to California for strike it rich.

It was a tough year for my step mother Anna as she started 2014 in the hospital with a heart attack, but fortunately, she battled back to a full recovery.

Here are a couple of photos of friends…


When it comes to friends we must take the ups along with the downs too.  I started the year off with the Polar Bear dip with members of our Sunday night fellowship group.  That was a refreshing way to get started and our group had lots of fun, fellowship and we learned a few lessons along the way.

We had a fun 4th with about 75 people to celebrate our independence and enjoy the fireworks display on the river. Jeanette and Jim had about a hundred for Thanksgiving in Haleyville and I celebrated Christmas with Devon’s family in Phil Campbell.

Laura Beth Humphries, the daughter of Steve and Cindy journeyed to Estonia for mission work as did my young friend Chandler Moseley to the Islands off the coast of Panama and later to Africa.  Johnny and Claire Frazier’s daughter Sarah is a missionary too and they welcomed in two new additions to their family with a new grandson from John David and a new son-in-law.

Alana Bates, the daughter of Mark and Deana, finished medical school and daughter Diana finished her degree at Alabama.

My friend Hunter Skains played his first year of varsity football at Colbert County and things are looking good for the future.

And on a sad note, my friends Lamar Miller and Jim Richards both lost their mother.

I know I have left off some key events, but that is all that comes to mind as I write this.

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